Cakeway to the West FAQ's


What's the purpose of this project?

Cakeway to the West will highlight places of note throughout the St. Louis region, providing residents and visitors with an interactive almanac of locations that tell the story of St. Louis' past, present and future.



So who gets a cake?

Public vote will determine the first 50 locations that get cakes, and stl250 will determine the rest. We are looking for locations that fit into five broad categories. Each category will receive 50 cakes:


  • Landmark Sites: Even before St. Louis’ founding the region contained incredible history, and the last 250 years has left us with one of the nation’s most incredible collections of historic sites and structures.  From exceptional landscapes to our monumental structures, St. Louis has a history waiting to be explored.


  • Heritage & Culture: St. Louis is truly a city of distinct flavors and proud heritage, a diversity worthy of celebration. The 50 Heritage & Culture cakes will commemorate many of St. Louis’ great ethnic, religious, community and interest organizations.


  • The Great Outdoors: The St. Louis region is blessed a wealth of outdoor resources, some man-made and some natural, and stl250 wants to celebrate them all. 


  • Local Favorites: The 50 Local Favorites cakes encompass the St. Louis region’s favorite hangouts and neighborhood treasures.  These are the unique restaurants, entertainment highlights and one-of-a-kind places that communities across the region love to show off.


  • Innovation: As we discuss the challenges of our past and look towards our future, we celebrate our innovative successes on every scale. For 250 years, St. Louis has been home to businesses and nonprofits that have made an indelible stamp locally, nationally and internationally. We seek to honor these trailblazers.



Who determined the "short list" for public voting?

stl250 staff and committee members submitted nominations into a large pool for consideration. This selection group represented a diverse collection of individuals and perspectives. But by the same token, we know that there were things we missed, and locals will feel strongly about getting their favorites represented in the voting.


That's why we added the write-in option for our online voting: we want to make sure that no site goes overlooked, and that people can campaign for their local favorites. Once a write-in candidate receives 25 votes, we'll add it to the main list. As far as we're concerned, the more write-in candidates, the better!


A big part of what we're doing in 2014 is starting a discussion about St. Louis, its history and its future. The Great Cake Debate that we anticipate occurring is a great way to kick off that year of conversation.



How long does public voting last?

Through January 3, with The Top 50 announced January 7.



When I vote, the website tells me that my vote "has already been counted." What does this mean?

In order to keep the playing field level, we've set up our voting poll to only count one vote per IP address per day. This prevents people from clicking "send" over and over again in one sitting to rack up votes for a given candidate.


If you're receiving this message, either you or someone else has voted using your IP address within the last 24 hours.



How do I campaign for my organization/favorite spot to land a cake?

We're really excited to see the creative social media campaigns that different St. Louis groups launch to "get out the vote" for their locations of choice.


Obviously, posts on heavily visited social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to help spread the word. We suggest using the hashtag "#stl250" for all cake campaigning, as that's the one we'll be using to keep folks posted on public voting results.


Other ideas: mention Cakeway to the West in a newsletter (digital or physical), include a visible link or blog posting about the Cake Vote on your website, or post signs at your site or business!



When do the cakes get installed?

Around the time of St. Louis' official anniversary weekend (February 14-16). We'll also announce the remaining 200 cake selections at this time.



What will the cakes look like?

Similar to the image model above. They'll be four-foot tall fiberglass structures, weighted and professionally installed. We're teaming with a large cadre of local artists to decorate and "personalize" each cake based on its location.



How long will the cakes remain in place?

Through the end of 2014.



So will they just sit there all year?

Here's where the fun part comes in: stl250 is teaming with Arch Grant recipient Candy Lab to translate our 250 cake locations into an interactive app where visitors can learn more about each location. What's more, users will be able to "check in" at each location and be awarded points, which will then funnel into a leaderboard. Scoring more points makes participants eligible to win prizes, with prize drawings in June and December.


We want to use this app to make Cakeway to the West into a region-wide scavenger hunt that furthers understanding and encourages people to get out and interact with all the great neighborhoods and landmark sites of St. Louis. Look for more details on the app as February approaches!



Can my organization sponsor a cake?

Of course! Fill out our sponsor form and let us know you're interested!



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