1764 Society


From "grassroots to grand scale," you can help mark St. Louis' milestone by joining events throughout the year that range from small neighborhood gatherings to festivals in packed entertainment venues! Volunteer organization stl250 serves as the master of ceremonies for the 2014 celebration, and invites the region's citizens, businesses, and institutions to share their stories and commemoration plans!  More Information


Discover More About St. Louis

The history of St. Louis covers 250 eventful years, with stellar high rises and challenging low falls. St. Louis has produced some of the most innovative businessmen, motivated social activists, and creative artists to be found, and their stories are part of millions of others that fill our wonderful region. Take a glimpse into the exciting history of St. Louis with the crash course and after that, look a little deeper into the lives of some known and unknown St. Louisans and historic events on our Facebook page!

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