250 Years in 20 Minutes:

A Crash Course in the Large Events that Shaped St. Louis

So say you're interested in St. Louis history, but your knowledge doesn't go past the Arch, the World's Fair, and that we made a lot of beer and shoes?  This heavily-illustrated reading provides a framework of the big events that shaped St. Louis, and can be read quickly in a single sitting.  It is by no means a full history, but instead a great crash course in the need-to-know subjects.  While it would be impossible to ever truly create a full history of the millions of people, places, and events that created the St. Louis we live in today (in his books, historian Frederick A. Hodes devotes a thorough 1,580 pages to covering the first 86 years, when St. Louis only extended to 18th Street!), this city has a rich history that begs to be explored!


1764 - 1820s: Colonial and Early American St. Louis

1820s - 1840s: Fur Traders and Immigrants

1840s - 1865: Cholera, Fire, and Civil War

1865 - 1890: Future Great City of the World... Maybe

1890 - 1904: The Rising Fourth City

1904 - 1915: The World Comes to St. Louis

1915 - 1930: Dry, Weary Years into a New St. Louis

1930 - 1950: Depression, War, and Industry

1950 - 1970: The Symbol of Modern St. Louis

1970 - Present: The Struggle and On-Going Renaissance






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The 250th Celebration!